Intensive General English

This is our most popular course. It runs all year round and you can start on almost any Monday. Students stay for a few weeks or many months and the longer you stay, the cheaper it gets! (If you want stay for 36 weeks or more then please see the Academic Year English course for even bigger reductions).

'What do I get on the Intensive General English course?'

  • Morning: coursebook and integrated skills study.
  • Afternoon: you can choose from eight interesting and exciting modules.
  • One-to-one tutorials every month.


Here is a list of the varied and exciting afternoon modules that you can take at the moment (depending on your level):

  • IELTS exam courses: these run throughout the year and prepare students for the exam ready for University entrance. The exam is taken at Exeter University and costs £73. Minimum level: Intermediate
  • Speaking and Listening: these classes concentrate on improving fluency and understanding through various activities and discussion topics. Various levels.
  • English Extra: a workshop situation where the teacher deals with the problems of students in areas of grammar and language. Various levels.
  • Business English: for pre-experience people, these classes look at the language and situations that are commonly met when working for a company - meetings/presentations/on the telephone etc. Minimum level: Intermediate
  • Vocabulary Plus: for students who want to extend their range of vocabulary; using different topic areas to explore and practise the words most commonly needed in that context. Various levels
  • Reading and Speaking: using texts of different styles and on various topics as a basis for discussion and exploring the vocabulary on the way. Various levels
  • About Britain: A look at different aspects of this country and opening up discussion and debate from this. Such areas as Education/Politics/the Royal Family might be included. Level: Higher Intermediate and above
  • Travel and Tourism: a course designed for people who are either likely to be working in the Service Industries or regular travellers who want to know more about the language needed when booking hotels and restaurants/at airports and stations/ dealing with problems etc. Level: Higher Intermediate and above These options generally last for 6 weeks after which students have the opportunity to try another course.

On the the Intensive General English course, you will be able to combine a full week of study (28 lessons) with further exposure to the English language through staying with a carefully selected English host family and self-study either at home or in the self-access centre. So that you get the best from your time here, it is very important that each your level of English is carefully assessed on arrival. Your use of English will be carefully graded, by means of a specially-designed entry test on the first day of school, and this will ensure that you are placed in a class where the work is neither too difficult nor too easy.

Classes are never large. Although we have a maximum of 12 students in any one class, the average class size is only 10 students. Elementary and Beginner level classes are generally even smaller. Beginners have certain fixed starting dates only




If you are a mature person (recommended 50+) who wants to improve your English and explore this beautiful region of the South-West of England then this course is for you!

  • 2 or 3 weeks long
  • Specially chosen accommodation
  • Morning tuition plus one full-day and two half-day organised excursions to different parts of the Southwest each week.


Classes are exclusively of mature students so there is no fear of finding yourself in the midst of noisy teenagers! The methods and materials we use are modern and interesting, and our teachers are friendly and efficient. The emphasis is on the oral skills.

On two afternoons each week, we have organised visits and on each of the Saturdays, there are full-day guided coach tours to places of interest in the West of England.

Accommodation is with carefully selected English host families who will do their best to help you become fully integrated during your stay. There will be nobody else in that family who speaks your language, so English will be the natural means of communication.