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General English


Course description

We have General English courses of 15 or 20 hours per week. Each lesson is 60 minutes. Students can choose to study in the morning or the afternoon. Afternoon lessons are cheaper than the morning lessons.


'The lessons were the best thing about my holiday in Brighton. I really enjoyed it. There was a friendly atmosphere'

Marketa, Czech Republic.



·                   All Levels:

o                 Beginner (please check start dates)

o                 Elementary

o                 Pre-intermediate

o                 Intermediate

o                 Upper Intermediate

o                 Advanced

·                   12 students maximum in the class.

·                   Join the course any Monday

15 x 60 minutes per week

15 hours per week is the minimum amount of study to obtain a student visa.

The lessons follow a coursebook and is supplemented with the teachers own materials. The course covers all the skills and grammar in a balanced format every week.

Course times

Morning courses run from 9.00 - 12.20 with a 20 minute break.
Afternoon courses run from 2.00 - 5.20 with a 20 minute break.

'I learnt a lot and really improved my English. I'm really happy I booked a course at Regency College.'

Anna Maria, Germany


20 x 60 minute lessons per week

Students following the intensive course follow a course book for the first 3 hours of lessons per day. The fourth hour is based on fluency, speaking and vocabulary. Students can also choose to do a business course for the fourth hour.

Course times

Morning course 9.00 - 1.35 with a 20 mintues break and a 15 minute break
Afternoon course 12.35 - 5.20 with 2 x 30 minute breaks



General English and Business

Students who take 15 hour General English Courses may choose to take 5 hours a week English for Business as well.

The course focuses on

·                   presentations

·                   meetings

·                   job applications

·                   telephoning skills

·                   business communication skills

Available for students who are intermediate or above.

'The whole team of Regency College was born to be teachers and to meet one day at such a nice place as Brighton to organise such a nice school as Regency College. It was great.'

Anna Germany


Exam Classes

Exams can help you get a job or a University place.
These courses focus on improving your exam skills.

·                   All exams taught:

o                 IELTS

o                 Cambridge (FCE, CAE)

o                 BEC

·                   For intermediate students and above.

·                   12 students maximum class size


'... today I recieved a letter with my Certificate in English and I would like to thank everyone who helped me to achieve this.'

Carla, Brazil



The IELTS exam is usually an entrance requirement for non-English speaking students attending British Universities. Students usually need to score between 5.5 and 7.0 points.

The IELTS course will improve your writing, listening, reading and speaking skills for the exam. The course will improve your vocabulary and give you lots of real exam practice. The course is taught by teachers with a lot of exam course experience.

Courses run 4 times per year.
All courses are 15 hours per week.
All course are 10 weeks.
The minimum enrolment is 2 weeks.

The exam can be taken in Eastbourne or London at least twice a month.
The current exam registration fee is £95.

Please contact us if you want to be entered for the exam before you arrive.

Course dates

1st October 2007 - 7th December 2007
7th January 2008 - 14th March 2008
7th April 2008 - 13th June 2008
23rd June 2008 - 29th August 2008
6th October 2008 - 12th December 2008


The FCE and CAE courses are a good opportunity to improve all areas of your English and obtain a globally recognised qualification. The course intensively improves the skills needed for the exam.

The courses start three times a year, In January, March and September.

10th March 2008 - 13th June 2008
15th September 2008 - 12th December 2008

All courses are 15 x 60 minutes per week.

The exam can be taken in Brighton in March, June and December.


The TOEIC exam (Test Of English for International Communication) is an English language proficiency test for people whose native language is not English. It measures the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment. The test measures how well people can communicate in English with others in the global workplace.

The TOEFL exam (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) is requested by American universities for students wishing to attend full-time courses. It concentrates on English in an academic context.

The TOEIC and TOEFL tests are both available in Brighton.

The course is a mixture of 15 hours general English per week and 3 hours of private lessons.

Start the course any Monday.

If two or more students came together they could share the cost of the private lessons.


Business English

The Regency College Business Skills programme is a 12 week course comprising 20 lessons per week. The course focuses on communication skills. It is based on the current business world and students will look at company case studies and current news stories.

Entry level is Intermediate (IELTS 5.0) or above. All students will do a needs analysis on or before arrival.

Students have the option of working towards the BEC exam.
(Cambridge business examination)

Course Content

·                   Skills Components

o                 Communication skills

o                 Speaking

o                 Listening

o                 telephoning skills

o                 presentations and meetings

o                 business correspondence

o                 emails and memos

o                 faxes

o                 letters

o                 research skills

·                   Business Topics

o                 marketing and advertising

o                 international trade

o                 customer service

o                 personnel & job applications

o                 management & business ethics

o                 finance & banking

o                 cultural awareness and customs

·                   Course Objectives

o                 to develop English-language communication skills and to prepare students for business in an international environment.

o                 to provide a practical programme relevant to the participants working environment.

o                 to build confidence & enable effective communication in the workplace and social situations.

Course dates and times

Students may start at any time during the course.

The course runs from 9.00 - 1.35 with breaks.