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Course Programme


The Westbourne Academy provides total immersion English Language courses to satisfy all students' requirements, whether this is for leisure, academic or professional needs. With various political barriers coming down all over the world, more and more countries are interacting in the commercial community and English is the medium by which they interact. Set out below is a list of courses regularly provided. 



Course Information


  • All lessons are of 40 minutes duration except for One to One courses.
  • All books are loaned free of charge but may be purchased by students if required.
  • English Plus options include : Business English, Conversational English.
  • Maximum number of students in Easter and Summer classes 16. All other classes 14.
  • Public holidays 2007 JAN 01,APR 06 & 09 ,MAY 07 & 28, AUG 27
  • There is a 2 week holiday at Christmas when the school is closed.
  • Examination practice and training is given for all exams.
  • Courses are normally held between 9.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.




English Plus


This 28 lesson programme covers the four main language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus the opportunity to take modules in Business English, examinations and conversational skills. It is aimed at people who wish to improve their overall level of English and, as project work plays an important role in the course, it assists in the preparation for professional life. Students are monitored regularly through tests and interviews and there are many opportunities for extra self study sessions. 


Duration: 4-48 weeks. 

Minimum Age: 16



Extra Intensive English


This 40-lesson programme is designed for those who wish to study on a short course of intensive classroom learning of the four skills of the language. Owing to its intensive nature this programme is not available for beginners or very advanced students. 


Duration: 2-4 weeks 

Minimum Age: 16



Examination Programmes


Specific programmes are run on an 8-24 week period for the Cambridge First Certificate, Cambridge Advanced, Cambridge Proficiency, and IELTS examinations. These examinations are taken as part of a General English Programme. Please check the enclosed examination page to see how long you must attend a course in order to take a particular examination. An excellent success rate is achieved by careful selection of the required examination at the beginning of the programme, constant counselling by staff on how best to achieve student goals and the provision of appropriate practise both in technique and content of the various examinations. Advice on TOEFL and IELTS can be given to those students who intend to go on to institutes of higher education or university. 



General English


This 20 lesson programme contains the core language content of the English Plus Course. It is most suitable for those students who are allowed to work part time while studying the language. The four lessons each day are held either in the morning or afternoon so employment can be taken up without interfering with studies. 


Duration: 4-48 weeks. 

Minimum Age: 16





Homework is an essential part of all programmes providing an important element in the monitoring of a student's progress. Leaving certificates, stating level of achievement, are given to students who attend their courses regularly. 



Easter & Summer Programmes


These courses provide opportunities to develop fluency. Oral/aural aspects of the language are emphasised. Grammatical and structural work build on the student's own knowledge to aid ease of communication. Cultural, sports and leisure activities are available so that students following these programmes can combine study with vacation actives. 


Duration: Easter 2-4 weeks Summer 2-10weeks. 

Minimum Age: 16(15 if accompanied by an adult and course is less than 28 days).



Executive Programmes


These programmes, on a one-to-one or two-to-one basis, are available on request. They are aimed at the professional business person who wishes to have specialised English in order to increase their communicative ability. Most subjects can be covered. Please apply to your agent or to the Academy for full details. 


Duration: 2-4 weeks. 


Closed Group Programmes


The Principal of Westbourne Academy has many years' experience in arranging and providing specialist programmes for closed groups. These include Teacher Refresher Courses, English for Engineering, English for Further Education Teachers, English for Sport. Please apply to the Principal for further information. 





English and Golf consists of English lessons at Westbourne Academy and Golf lessons at the renowned Parkstone Golf Club. The course content is as follows: Five half days English lessons ( 4 lessons of 40 minutes per day) and either two or three half days of Golf Lessons (2 hours per day) Lessons are designed to improve all parts of the golfer’s game and are given by a PGA professional. They consist of tuition and monitored practice. The professional will provide golf clubs and balls for use during lessons and practice. Golf lessons can be in groups of three or more or on an individual basis. The students can play rounds of golf once they have an appropriate level of golf or if they hold a handicap certificate. Optional extras in addition to golf lessons include a video swing analysis and a swing machine analysis. Please note there is a dress code during the golf lessons which means no jeans or shorts or collarless shirts. Parkstone Golf Club has a fully stocked Pro-shop where the professional can advise the golfers on the purchase of golf equipment. For further information on Parkstone Golf Club please refer to their website
General English plus 1-1 Golf lessons: 5 Mornings English + 2 Afternoons Golf £142.00 per week.
5 Mornings English + 3 Afternoons Golf £170.00 per week.
General English plus Group Golf lessons: ( Minimum 2 Golfers, Maximum 6 Golfers ) 5 Mornings English + 2 Afternoons Golf £122.00 per week per person.
5 Mornings English + 3 Afternoons Golf £140.00 per week per person.


Duration: 1 WEEK + 

Minimum Age: 16





The Access Plus is for students who wish, eventually, to take up careers in the Arts, Design and Media. In particular, it prepares them to take the Foundation Diploma at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, for which they must have a provisional acceptance before starting the programme. There is a large element of English Language improvement, including preparation for the IELTS examination and the possibility to prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate examination. 


Duration: 3 MODULES of between 8 and 12 weeks. 

Minimum Age: 16