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Courses & Timetable

United World offers the following courses:

  • General English language courses at all levels from Beginners to Proficiency
  • Cambridge Examination Courses from level 2 to level 5, Preliminary English Test (PET), Cambridge First Certificate (FCE), Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE) and Cambridge Proficiency Certificate (CPE)
  • University Access Course (I.E.L.Ts)
  • Introduction to Business
  • Teacher training for overseas teachers of English

Course levels may be combined and examination courses form part of these combined courses.

Courses can be taken from a minimum 4 weeks to 48 weeks at progressive levels (minimum 2 weeks June to August).

General English Courses run quarterly per year starting January, April, June and September but late enrolments will be accepted onto these courses up to 6 weeks into the course depending on the course.

Cambridge Examination courses start in January for the March examination March for the June examination and September for the December examination. Cambridge proficiency exam can only be taken in June and December

University Access Course IELTs consists of general English or business and IELTs skills classes and prepares the students wishing to go onto college or university. The examination can be taken in any month but the student must wait 3 months before retaking an IELTs examination

Teacher training is a course designed specifically for overseas students who wish to teach English in their own country. The course runs every 12 weeks at 15 hours per week and will include practical classroom experience with volunteer students. Minimum level of English required for this course is upper intermediate. Students can be tested to see if they meet this requirement.

Business English course runs every 12 weeks and provides an introduction to the vocabulary of business together with general business skills and provides an excellent foundation for students wishing to continue on to University or other higher education establishments. It may be taken together with a general English option and minimum level of English for this course is upper intermediate.

All students are given a test at the start of the course to determine their level of English. During the course the students will be assessed and tested at the end of each level and then progress on to the following level. At the conclusion of each level the student will be presented with a certificate of achievement providing the student has attained a good level of attendance.

Students may also change courses to examination courses providing they have the ability at no extra cost

Course Timetable


Start Date

Late Enrolment

Course Duration

Examination Dates

General English & Business


Within the first 6 weeks general English courses. 3 weeks Business

12 weeks approx




Within the first 3 weeks of the course

8 weeks approx




Within the first 5 weeks

12 weeks approx




Within the first 5 weeks of the course

14 weeks approx



Any Week

Any Week

8-12 weeks

Every Month

Teacher Training


Within the first 3 weeks of the course

12 weeks


(Please contact the school for actual course start dates and examination dates)


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